Existing pension pots displayed in Monzo

I still have a credit card with Lloyds bank and was using their app to track my spending on it (love the fact I can now see its balance in the Monzo app).

Recently I signed into the Lloyds app and found several pension pots of mine with Scottish Widows. I’d really like to stop using the Lloyds app altogether in favour of Monzo but the -automated- inclusion of my pension pots is quite a significant value add for me. I was feeling quite anxious about losing track of all these orphaned pension pots from old jobs and seeing them there helps a lot.

Are there plans to start doing the same in Monzo in a similar vein to what you’ve done with credit cards?



If it’s not an option to automate this behaviour, allowing us to manually link pensions to Monzo would be almost as good.

They could add the PensionBee api like how they now show Barclaycard in the Monzo app.

And then you can transfer all your current pensions to PensionBee and then only have one big account.


I’d love to see when the pension dashboard comes out to be fully integrated with Monzo.

Moneyinfo has solutions for pension integrations, but I don’t know about b2b options if they white label it for others.


They’ve said it’s something that’s on their radar!

“Over time, we’d love to offer investment products and visibility of your pension pots, helping you see where all your money sits.”

From this recent blog post (near the end): https://monzo.com/blog/2019/04/26/savings-marketplace/

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Thanks Kate, I hadn’t seen that!

I definitely would want the choice t stick with my current pension provider (assuming that they have an open API to plug into).

Hopefully this will let me stop using the Lloyds app.

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Watch this week’s Monzo open office it’s a great insight to what’s coming