Ignoring transactions in monthly spending

I would like to be able to ignore specific transactions that contribute to my monthly spending
So that transactions where I am just moving money from one account to another do not skew my spending for a month

For example, last month I receive a bonus of £5000 and I then pay that into a separate savings account (not monzo). My monthly spending for last month includes the £5k when in actual fact I didn’t spend it. It would be nice to be able to open up that transaction and mark it as ignored for monthly spending.


Hi Emily, this function ( to exclude certain transactions from your targets ) is currently being tested in “Monzo Labs” prior to roll out to every user once it has been tweeked by user feedback - anybody can sign up for Monzo Labs and if you don’t like it its as easy to reverse to original targets - if you want to give it a go :slight_smile:

In the Monzo Labs spending screen , tap on the transaction, scroll down the screen at it will give you a toggle option to exclude this transaction


it comes with a warning that it is a bit “buggy” at the moment :slight_smile: