Exchanging GBP for HUF in UK or just withdrawing in Hungary?

I’ll be going to Hungary in a few days and I want to have some cash on me just in case - I was wondering if I would be better off just withdrawing from an ATM in Hungary to get cash rather than exchanging cash at the Post Office for example since the rate seems to be better? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d just withdraw there, but it will also depend on how much cash you think you’ll need. As long as you’re within Monzo’s monthly cash withdrawal allowance, you won’t be charged extra fees by Monzo. Make sure the bank doesn’t charge either and reject the conversion if offered by the ATM as that will almost guaranteed to be a worse rate.

Also saves you the faff of having to carry around extra cash


Absolutely this :point_up: - never use the ‘GBP’ converted rate option - only ever use the local currency option.

Also note that while the above option will give you the best exchange rate, the ATM/bank provider may also add a charge for the withdrawal (but they may do this regardless of your choice of conversion or not) :slightly_frowning_face:


I was in Hungary recently and had no issue with cards / MasterCard being accepted, for what it’s worth.

As others say if you get cash from the ATM make sure to select local currency, and use a banks ATM where you can.

You might find some ATMs have a withdrawal fee so just watch out for that - from memory the once or twice I took cash out ATM fees were about 1500 HUF

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As above, I was in Hungary last year for the Grand Prix and didn’t need to touch cash at all.

I’d just use an ATM as and when you need to.