Currency Viewing while abroad

I’m currently abroad in poland right now where the currency is Polish Złoty, which can vary from £1=4.90 Zloty to £1=4 Zloty. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have your monzo account balance reflect the currency of the country that you’re currently in? It can tell when you’re in a new country; so surely it would make sense to have the balance linked to the current exchange rate (refreshing every hour) and displaying your balance in the local currency rather than Pounds? Would make things a lot easier by taking a quick glance at the app rather than having to check the clunky mastercard website for the current exchange rate when you’re trying to buy something:)

Is the non clunky google website not accurate enough? Or the non clunky mental maths? Or calculator app?

BTW it doesn’t “vary from 4.0 to 4.9” as it hasn’t been below 4.5 in over 10 years.

Over the last month it’s only moved a couple of percent so just using an average will surely be close enough?

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Is this level of sarcasm and grumpiness really necessary? Get out of bed the wrong side?

No sark or grumpiness, just a response that answers the question posed. I thought that’s the point. Seems someone “liked” it anyway so :man_shrugging:

What exactly did your post add?

Probably are, but this is about fintech, and the push for in-app access such as @DANSILVER suggests is a good one.


I’m not going to argue with you mate. Just try reading your post before you hit reply maybe. Your tone is very abrupt.

I didn’t read it as sarcastic or grumpy and the response raised some very valid points too.

I do think it would be nice to have something in the app to help with this, maybe a little reminder of the approx rate (updated daily?), visible somewhere? Personally I use an app called Elk but no harm in considering this kind of thing to be added to Monzo in the future.

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Is making assumptions about the tone when it can be read perfectly reasonably as is really necessary? :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could benefit from re-reading before jumping down someone’s throat (did you really need to add the wrong side of bed comment?)

This is the internet, there’s no need to project negative tones onto other people when not necessary :slight_smile:

Fair point!

I can only comment on how I interpreted the tone…and I thought it was rather abrupt. I am well aware how the internet works, but thanks.

Backing away now…

Don’t read tone read content.

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Was just a suggestion, i’m lazy and not that good at mental maths :joy: plus in my experience the mastercard rate tends to vary from the google rates, and the mastercard website on mobile is a bit of a nightmare.
If you don’t agree it’s a good idea fair play :woman_shrugging: