EU atm withdraw - monzo my main account

Thank you for confirming what i thought

All the chatter here may have caused some confusion and misinformation and people not using the information provided to give a specific and accurate response…
For the OP (@mbks1981) based on the screenshots they provided:

Within the UK and EEA (which Spain is a part of), you will have unlimited ATM withdrawals without charge, but you can only withdraw a maximum of £400 per day.
Outside of the EEA & UK, it’s £200 and then you are charged 3% (still £400 max a day).

Remember, if you are withdrawing or paying for something outside of the UK and asked which currency to use, select the local (Euro for Spain), not GBP.


Thanks for confirming

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Am I allowed to mention that Starling don’t charge for withdrawals both in the UK and EEA
Cash withdrawal in £ Sterling in the UK
"We will not charge a fee for withdrawing £ Sterling from ATMs in the UK or using the Post Office Counter Service.
Cash withdrawal in foreign currency outside the UK
We will not charge you a fee for withdrawing cash in foreign currency outside the UK. The Mastercard exchange rates will
apply to any such withdrawal and you may also be charged a fee by the local ATM provider"