Cash withdrawals in the European Economic Area (EEA)

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Sorry if I asked a question which jas been already posted but I was not able to find a definitive answer.

I was reading this post

What does exactly mean? How much I can take? after how much there will be a fee applied? All the ATM machine won t apply a fee? you know, some of them ask for a small fee that is not due to Monzo, but to the local “system”.

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ATMs are still allowed to charge a fee.

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Ok I am very ignorant :slight_smile:
What does the article mean?

Some providers will charge you for withdrawing money abroad Monzo don’t (under the conditions detailed in this article).

This won’t affect any charges from an ATM as they’re nothing to do with who you bank with.

I thought it was always the case of monzo, isn t it?

There’s a fee free limit of £200 per 30 days for withdrawals outside the EEA. After that there is a fee.

Within the EEA Monzo allowed fee free withdrawals of £400 per 24 hours or £5,500 per 30 days.


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