eReaders and eInk

(Rika Raybould) #1

I do a lot of reading with my second generation Kindle Paperwhite but over time, it’s become clear that Amazon never built it for comic and manga use with low storage and slow image scaling. These two can be fixed by importing a third generation Kindle Paperwhite manga edition from Japan, but that could get expensive.

Since I’m not particularly tied to the Kindle ecosystem, does anybody in the Monzo community use any eReaders that are not from Amazon?

I’m currently looking around and the Kobo Aura ONE seems to be the best alternative with double the storage of the Kindle Paperwhite, a larger display, and better support of open formats. I don’t see too much said about comic/manga performance though.

In other news, Sony recently announced their replacement to the DPT-S1 digital paper system, the DPT-RP1. I really want to play around with one of these but they’re difficult to find and are not cheap when you can! :scream:

(Bruce) #2

I jumped ship from the idea as soon as I got a phablet (is that even a word anymore) I hate having multiple devices that can all do ‘the same thing’.

(Sacha) #3

Seems the popularity of eInk is waining. I too have started buying more paper books and fewer ebooks in recent months.

(Rika Raybould) #4

Problem I see here is that everything is going to Amazon, who don’t ever report their precise numbers for digital or device sales. :disappointed:


I’d love to get a good quality colour e-ink reader. I’ve got a good sized digital comic collection and it would be the perfect device for reading them on.

(Hugh) #6

Looks like they do have a solution but I would guess quite an expensive one :frowning: