E-readers - types and reasons for recommending

(Dawid) #1

I didn’t want to put this question in the recent poll, however only recently I have been thinking about buying an e-reader. I love physical books but since I’m on a quest of finding a job in different countries I can’t take any with me.

If you own an e-reader please tell me which one and why would you recommend it to me?

I don’t want to put any price ranges or my must-haves, I refer to listen to everybody and then hopefully that will help my decision-making…

(Peter Roberts) #2

I have a Kindle Paperwhite which for me was well worth the upgrade from the non-lighted Kindle I had before. I’m personally fine with just buying all my books from Amazon out of convenience so the Kindle works well. That said, I’ve done all my “reading” for the past year in the form of Audible audiobooks


The Kindle Paperwhite. The standard model Kindle is fine but the backlight and better contrast are worth the bit extra. I wouldn’t recommend the models above the Paperwhite - way too expensive for some fairly niche features and improvements.

The Kobo (owned by Rakuten) variants are pretty good too but the Kindle integrates itself with Amazon which I see as a perk.


I have to agree, I moved towards Audible so that I could multitask or just relax with my eyes closed listening to them.

I still have a very old school Kindle though which I use from time to time (with the non-lit screen). I was thinking of the Kindle Oasis as it would, among other things like waterproofing, allow Audible.

(Dawid) #5

Kindles don’t have problems handling PDFs, do they?

Also what are the features, and how do you rate them, in regards to bookmarking, dictionary, highlighting etc.?


They can display pdfs yeah. Although last time I viewed a PDF on a kindle was a few years ago. They seem to display them as an image rather than just text so it has to fully refresh the screen each time you scroll, move and so on - feels pretty sluggish. Text size was also generally small on pdfs and I’m not sure you could easily enlarge it. Saying that this may have changed?