It makes sense, if you want to avoid the CRA’s for whatever reason then go with revolut or monese as they don’t report to them and don’t take infomation from them.
Neither of these are banks so no FSCS protection.

Maybe monzo offer a basic bank account with no credit option and hard overdraft protection. (Online auth forced on the card) That doesnt report to CRA’s. (This market is not big enough but if they offered the basic bank accounts that the legacy banks too this could be rolled in)

Is the reason they don’t report because they aren’t banks? So if they become banks, they would have to report the details?


I think all banks have an obligation to report but e-money institutions clearly don’t. To me it seems that Revolut do report though, but you have the option to opt out in app. I swear there was a toggle for it but I can’t check now as I closed my account with them

Edit: from Revolut

7. Do you carry out credit checks about me?

We and our lending partners will use credit-reference agencies (or other providers of credit information in relevant countries) to carry out credit checks on you if you apply (or tell us you want to apply) for a credit product through Revolut.

We will also share your personal data with credit-reference agencies (or other providers of credit information) to:

  • confirm details you have provided when you apply for products or services;
  • make an assessment about whether to accept your credit application; or
  • determine an appropriate credit limit for you.

When you enter into a credit agreement with us we may continue sharing information with credit reference agencies or other providers of credit information (for example, information about your repayments and whether you repay in full or on time).

The personal data we share with and receive from credit reference agencies (or other providers of credit information) when you apply for, or use, a Revolut credit product will vary depending on the country you live in. We will provide full details when you apply for a Revolut credit product.

For UK users only

If you are located in the United Kingdom, we may also check your credit history to help us develop and, in the future, offer credit products that meet the needs of our customers. This will enable us to pre-filter the credit products that you may be eligible for and, in some cases, let you know before you apply if you will be accepted for a Revolut credit product.

However, if you would prefer that we do not use your data in this way you can use the privacy settings in the Revolut app to opt out.

So a few months + another couple of months before Equifax adds Monzo to our credit records. So realistically we’re looking at the autumn before we can see it on the Equifax report, I guess?


Despite having a amex and 3 current accounts equifax can’t gather a report on me due to too little infomation.

Weird. My transunion and experian are fine.

Do you think you’ve been unable to get credit because Equifax can’t find you?

I hope it will be sooner than autumn. Let’s hope for 1st of June.

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Have a amex and thats all i am bothered about.

Will want a mortgage in a couple years but having everything paid on time and amex paid in full every month along with a stable income is what counts.

Then don’t lose any sleep over Equifax.


I don’t suppose there is any news about this? My Equifax report still doesn’t show a record for Monzo.

:soon: (It takes several months after we start sending data before it “goes live” when starting to report an existing portfolio for the first time)


Thanks for the reply. It has been almost 7 months since this has been mentioned so surely it would be by now? Or has it only started being reported recently?

It’s a long winded process:

  • Sign agreements
  • Update privacy policy
  • Create and share test files
  • Equifax review test files and raise queries (e.g. “these users have no surname, can you check” → “Yes, they don’t have a surname on their identity document”)
  • Implement tweaks to the file generation logic to handle nuances specific to Equifax
  • Resend test file
  • Test file signed off
  • Start sharing monthly files
  • After 3 months of monthly files the data goes live on their side

This process always takes a while, it did take a few months longer with Equifax than it did with Experian though.


Thank you for the detailed reply. That was very informative. I look forward to seeing it on my report knowing the amount of work that went into it.


Thanks @daniel

Perhaps we can close this particular topic now @AlanDoe in favour of that one?

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