Entropay Closing Down

Im sure many of you have heard of entropay , for me this was my first insight of fintech. Unfortunately i got an email 2 days saying my cards will be deleted in February and transferred to wallet and top ups are disabled.

Seems like the company is coming to an end which is sad as i still use it daily.

Just a heads up to those using it :slight_smile:


What is Entropay? :slight_smile: Haven’t heard of it and the website isn’t enlightening.

The name rings a bell but that’s about it, no idea what they do. Apparently it’s something with virtual disposable cards, but no idea what the business model was like.

I got this email too. Shame. I used them for quite some time, loved the disposable virtual cards.

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it was pretty much one of the first fintech startups about been around for at least 10 years. Allowed me to use different currencies without the hassle. I noticed that they changed top up fees from 5% to 1% then october time they stopped sign ups.

I know right :frowning: , i cant find any alternatives. I saw moneypolo apart from the fact they have also stopped sign ups.

Entropy; a gradual decline into disorder.


You could use Revolut’s disposable debit cards.

I dont find revolut very customer friendly tbh :frowning: