Employee credit check

I have sent my application to a security company. G4s.
Looking at noodle today they have done a check on me.

Creditsafe Uk Limited

Creditsafe (Cr7 Asal) Api


Employee Check


Is this normal?

If you have access to cash then yes, a lot of jobs require this

No I don’t have access to cash…it’s just security at events etc…nothing to do with cash handeling

Also will they see any ccj or credit rating etc?

Might be their policy for all employees. If they see someone is in financial difficulty it could point at being a risk. That’s the theory but I think it’s a load of crap.

Yes they’ll see any defaults

But I don’t think they asked my permission on the application…I agreed to crb check…but not a credit check

Normally it says it on the job ad or job description. It’s pretty standard

If they do this how are people ment to get jobs…some people rating are not the best…that does not mean they steal money etc

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100% agree

(Sorry, it’s the Mail)

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Yeah this is fairly normal and usually forms part of enhanced employment checks

The worst thing is that credit ratings are calculated differently by different agencies and are not necessarily representative of someone’s ability to pay back debt – let alone do their job properly, especially if no money handling is involved! It’s total bs, sorry to hear you’re experiencing this.

It’s just a security officers role I applied for during events. After seeing the credit check, I might as well say they probally have rejected me.
The thing is there is no cash handling at all

It’s not just cash handling. It’s also if you are in a position to be bribed in any way. I was checked when I joined the police too as debts could be used as a means for bribing.

I would assume this is just a standard G4S process.


Absolute joke it is…bad credit rating does not mean that people are bad and can’t be employed

Interesting this is…I have worked for coral, Ladbrokes and paddypower as a manager…
Dealing in cash every min…thousands in safe all the time…could make thousand with late bet etc…not a single credit check from any of the 3 company…
Now I apply for a security role and a credit check

Well most jobs it’s not an issue. In some it’s probably for the best.

I have terrible credit rating. It must be hard to be declined for a role based on this alone.

Should you not be taking this up with G4S? Not a lot Monzo’s forum can do if you get credit checked by a Security company.

I would imagine most Security firms will do some sort of check on potential employees, even if it’s just for events, there is still a risk that the wrong person could use it to their advantage


Sorry I thought it was a discussion forum…sorry I was wrong


If you read the article, all the examples of rejection are from “undeclared” debts or bankruptcies etc. If they tell the truth then it’s likely they would be fine.

If you lie about your financial situation and are placed in a position of security or financial knowledge then I’d say it’s fair to say “if you lie to us then you might well be placed in a position where your role might be compromised”.

Just be honest and you’ll in all likelihood be fine.


Yes you are correct, but nothing was asked about my finance and about any ccj etc…nothing at all in the application