Employee credit check

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Might ask at interview. Not everyone will know they’ve been checked

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Interview was done the same day and passed it as well…


My stepson used to work for G4s as a steward. He asked his supervisor the very question you’re asking and they said it was part of risk assessment. Basically if you were in debt for thousands they wouldnt put you on a concourse where there were tills, etc… that sort of thing…

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I mean you haven’t been rejected for it so it’s just a lot of “what if” right now.

So around 2,000 people were rejected, by the looks of it many for lying, but that’s a drop in the ocean compared to how many annual applications there must be.


When I worked at Sky all staff were Experian ID and History checked a lot of big companies do the same.

Working for G4S you are in a position of trust, doesn’t matter whether its cash handling or security, it is still a position of trust.


Yep full Experian and Disclosure Scotland check here too!

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I have to have a an enhanced criminal record check as a teacher. I’m not a criminal. I haven’t ever committed a crime and its not fair I have to be assumed a criminal (so can’t start a job) until the DBS have proved I am not. However I have to accept that the job I work in does attract people who may be criminals so therefore I need to be checked myself in order to be trusted and I have been honest in anything that needs to be disclosed.

Same for G4S. Because as a company, they attract some people who might use their position to further their own ends so they have a check in place for suitability for roles. Is it fair? No. Does it mean everyone with debts isn’t good enough for the role? No. They just use it as part of the risk assessment until they can trust you and know you better. As others have stated, it won’t necessarily hold you back as a criminal record doesn’t necessarily hold back a teaching role either.

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It’ll be for security checks - ie checking you are who you say you are, like an enhanced identify check, nothing to do with finances.

Banks will do a proper credit check but as your search says, it’s an ‘Employee Check’, not a credit check, so it’s just along the lines of a soft search. Given you’re working in security, it’s probably just to ensure you’re not actually someone who made up a title to get a job to help people break in to places.

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That’s an excellent answer…thank for the reply

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What employer is that for?

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The company I work for I had to have a full background and credit check, is what it is.


A couple of years ago I was in the same predicament with both a prospective landlord and a prospective employer demanding credit checks before signing any contracts.

It was nerve wracking because I had a high utilisation of credit and some shady lenders on there like Vanquis etc which might make me look like I should actually be applying for the Jeremy Kyle show. My conventional “credit score” was low across all CRAs and I’d get rejected for any credit I applied for, which (I assume) was on the basis that I was already using too much credit and so was a high risk customer.

I can’t remember the source I found (sorry), but I was reassured online that employers and landlords can’t actually see what a lender can see when they check your report. I was told that they can’t see the names or the balances of any credit owing, only whether you have defaults and CCJs etc.

I passed all the checks and got the job and flat I was seeking, because although my credit score was crap they were only searching for major red flags that might imply something about your trustworthiness such as unpaid defaults, ccjs, cifas markers etc.

Obviously not everyone with those things is untrustworthy and sometimes circumstances force us into those boxes, but that is all they’re judging you on.

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Understandably, you’re keen to establish yourself on the forum, but does your presentation need to be so combative? If you’ve something interesting to say, your colleagues here will listen.

(Just an observation, Omar…)

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Hey Graham.

Appreciate the observing and advice, honestly, I’m not looking to establish anything apart from a little common sense and a few answers to certain topics which become unnecessarily complex.

Unfortunately, I’m not the most best behaved chap, so I kind of find myself in sticky situations quite often.

However I do try to resolve these situations…

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I understand, Omar. You’ve not been labelled, by the way, that was just me. And I get the frustration - it’s one of the downsides of a forum, I’m afraid. :slightly_frowning_face:.

(Sometimes it’s difficult when others are critical or seem to shout at you. Shouting back rarely helps, you’ll notice :slightly_smiling_face:). Enjoy the forum…:+1:

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Usually answers can be had with a google :slight_smile:

From the page

UK Credit Check
A consumer credit check will be carried out using an established credit bureau. Searches help identify County Court Judgements, Voluntary Arrangement, and Bankruptcy.

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Hey Punman,

Don’t panic yourself. If you are working in the security industry (among various other professions) it is very common to be credit checked as part of a pre-employment vetting process.

This is quite standard and the point of this is to ensure you aren’t open to corruption.

If you have a few missed payments, defaults or even the odd CCJ this shouldn’t be a problem.

As long as you don’t have a raft of CCJ’s or something you’ll be fine. If you are making active efforts to pay your debts this should be no problem at all! :grin:

SOURCE: I’ve worked for G4S/ Government and the financial services sector and done all these checks.

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This, and even then the Police are fine with debts as long as it is not unmanageable!

Debt is an every day thing OP.

How you manage it is a different thing.

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Excuse me to bring up an old post, what do you mean by colleagues?