Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A

Just had the email for HSBC but no feed item, I’m guessing this is CAs only as well?

Emma just doesn’t work for me. I want to use it and I like the look but always tells me I’ve run out of money when I haven’t :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hi Paul, can you reach out to support? There is a chat in the app.

We’ll need to transition all our connections to Open Banking, including Monzo’s.

For HSBC, they are not returning the credit cards and savings. The others are fine. :slight_smile:

@edo1493 FYI, appreciate that the Bills Pot is a beta product but I wonder whether you and your team of wizards can account for it.

I’m not sure they’ll be able to, they’d need to be able to see our direct debits to know which put it’s coming out of.

We can check this.

I think this is a first, but there should be a way to fix it. :slight_smile:


Can I check something please?

If I withdraw £300 cash at an ATM, spend £250 and pay the remaining £50 back into my account, should I categorise the pay–in as ‘income’ or ‘excluded’.

I’m trying to work out the effect on total income vs. expenditure which exceeds income, and which is better.

Emma originally categorised the deposit as ‘income’ and I changed it to ‘excluded’ but now wondering if that means I could end up accounting for more expenditure this month than I appear to have incoming.

Does this make sense?

Never tried the cash-deposit thing myself yet, but in theory if you use the same category for the £300 withdrawal and for the subsequent £50 deposit (and both are within the same Summary reporting period) it’ll show in Summary that you spent £250 in that category - which you did. So if for example you spent £250 on a car service, ensure both the withdrawal & deposit use the ‘Transport’ or ‘Bills’ category.

If you do it the other way, categorise the £300 as ‘Transport’ or ‘Bills’ and then class the £50 as income (‘General’ or ‘Finances’ for example) then Summary will show you spent £300 on the car service, but your income would be £50 higher - which is also technically correct overall, but not as accurate as the method above. The £50 isn’t strictly ‘planned income’ - it’s a return of unused funds, but a return which is then available to spend elsewhere.

It depends on your financial outlook how you best handle this one.

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Thanks. Makes sense. I’ll ponder what’s best.

And because Emma still categorises everything by month, you can end up with weird situations where a category like Bills is positive one month.

Perhaps @edo1493 can clarify for you :thinking:

I would categorise it as Cash, so your cash category is at -£250 and not -£300. :slight_smile:


Quick reminder, our product team is here 24/7: https://community.emma-app.com/. :wink:

We are also hiring: https://angel.co/company/emma-35/jobs.

This is our first community event (5th Dec 2019): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/first-emma-community-event-tickets-79337457471.


Year in Emma hot on the heels of Year in Monzo

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:eyes: :grimacing:


I see your 448 and raise you 620 :wink:

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I got the same. How weird that you and I are the 0.01%!

I’m actually quite reassured it’s clearly a made up statistic. I don’t spend that much on shopping!

Haha, I checked through what was in the shopping category and there were a few transactions that were furniture from when I moved to a new flat a few months ago. So they had dragged my “shopping” spend way up lol

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I just started using Emma with monzo I quite like it it has some helpful info in spending and you can get notifications on hw much money you ave at the start of the day it can also tell you if you are not going to have mine for a payment going out.

Not sure if the pro version is with it I am currently trying the free trial.