Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A

I also got this lol


There is still lots to do…

@edo1493 are there any plans to support Marcus?

Unfortunately not. :frowning:

I also use it, but we are not going to support banks that don’t have Open Banking.

Not sure if this is a targeted offer or an open to all offer, but I’ve just had an in-app offer to get Emma Pro for £14.99 for 1 year. That was cheap enough for me to give it a go.

If you’ve been thinking of getting Emma Pro but have been put off by the price (I think the regular price is about £40/year) check your app to see if you have the offer.

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lol look who failed Maths GCSE.

Is it really that hard to google the difference between a bar chart and a histogram?!

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But histogram sounds fancier!

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saw this today. v amateurish.

You mean this?

Histograms are sometimes confused with bar charts. A histogram is used for continuous data, where the bins represent ranges of data, while a bar chart is a plot of categorical variables.


I think this was the main reason. :joy:


Hi - just looking at starting to use Emma however it doesn’t seem to support my Santander savings account or Barclays help to buy ISA. Just wondering if this is actually on my banks end and if anyone else has had similar issues? I’m aware you can pay extra to input accounts manually but that’s probably not worth the money to me at this stage. Thanks!

Basically the open data rules that were introduced only applied to current accounts and credit cards so a lot of banks and companies have not bothered adding savings accounts to their api’s

Thanks for your reply :). How disappointing… Emma would have been the perfect solution to finally see everything in one place!

They do have manual accounts which might be of interest?

Yeah saw that, not sure I can justify paying though given the amount of time I spend moving money around for that extra £1 interest in one account compared to another haha

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For Santander it depends what type of savings account you have. If it’s a savings account that can be used to pay external accounts you should be able to access it via Emma. The Santander savings account I have that’s of this type shows up in Emma.

If the account can’t be used to pay external accounts you won’t be able to access it via Emma. This is the result of an annoying Santander decision to only do the minimum they are required by open banking rules. It would be easy for them to make all savings accounts available if they wanted to.

A long while back I proposed “dynamic” manual accounts in the Emma app.

I have savings accounts that are all linked to a specific current account. Emma identifies the transactions just fine, so in theory if I entered the savings balance and told Emma the current account that I use with it, it should be pretty easy to reconcile and update the savings balance, perhaps with a 3-month reminder to check the actual balance.


Not working for me sadly despite being able to pay out - can only see my current account as eligible when I try to add

I’ve given the free trial a go and this sounds like a great idea! Would also be nice if Emma could let me link people paying me back to the original transaction (been waiting forever for monzo to support this)

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