Account aggregators

I know a lot of people here hold multiple accounts with banks and e-money services, so I was wondering:

  1. If anyone uses an account aggregator?
  2. Do you use a 3rd party or a feature built into one of your existing banks?
  3. Why do you trust them?
  4. What features does it offer?
  1. Yes
  2. 3rd Party - Emma + Cleo
  3. tbh idek I just do
  4. They give me insights on my spending, Emma tells me if I won’t have enough to cover a subscription and more.
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There’s already quite a bit of discussion of account aggregators in this thread although it’s been a while since it’s had any activity.

I’ve tried quite a few account aggregators. I’ve settled on Emma as the one I like most. The analytics and budgeting is similar to Monzo (but also encompassing my other accounts). I also like that it provides good transaction enrichment, unlike most other account aggregators. Its main limitation, I would say, is it doesn’t support as many banks and other financial institutions as other account aggregators.

I trust them because they are FCA authorised as an AISP.


Hi there. Yes I use an account aggregator - Emma. The bank I use doesnt have third party features enabled yet - and even if it did I prefer something independent to give me a view of all my money.

I trust it because it’s read-only access on my accounts - and given it’s now Open Banking/API based I trust it.

I’ve tried Yolt but didn’t like it.

I’ve also signed up on the early access list for a new one - Snoop - which looks pretty cool but it’s not live yet

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