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Yeah good luck with that!


Fair play :+1:

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Chip is happening. https://twitter.com/TheAlanColeShow/status/1102358856326361088


I used to be a big Emma fan (and used Yolt quite a bit too) but when Goldman Sachs dropped Marcus on the UK market it made my cash flow impossible to track by any of these services.

I put all my money into Marcus as soon as my salary comes then I get ‘paid’ again at the end of the month when DDs are due. So all month I show to be in debt despite what is seemingly two large incoming payments.

I am also disappointed that Emma doesn’t support PSD2 authentication for my high street banks - given how responsive they are Yolt actually implemented this much faster. I know there’s protections but it just doesn’t feel the same giving up all my login details.

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I think you are referring to Open Banking, which at this point only works for current accounts; meaning that they use the same systems as us to access savings and credit cards. :slight_smile:

We have no short term plans to switch, since it doesn’t work and bring any benefit to the user.



I initially felt the same when other money management apps started using open banking with traditional banks, but I now agree with @edo1493’s position on this.

With Yolt and others you can use open banking (api-based access) for some current accounts at traditional banks but if you want to see savings and credit cards at the same banks those accounts still need to be accessed through screen scraping. Until all account types at a given bank can be accessed via open banking it seems a bit pointless to use that method.

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We should be able to start testing Chip next week. Keep an eye on our twitter.


I was wondering if there are any plans to connect to the government gateway. Would be amazing to have your tax, childcare, benefits accounts etc all in Emma!

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You are the first to suggest this! eheh

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Would it be possible to implement?

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Great idea though +1


Finance apps getting a lot of love on the iOS App Store today.

Emma is App of the day today! :partying_face:

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Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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You guys using Nexmo instead of Facebook yet?

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Is search an Android-only feature?
I’m on iOS and can’t find it.


It’s top right on the accounts screen for me on Android. Not the most obvious place for it…