Emergencies with monzo

Why is it when you call Monzo they say ‘ if it’s an emergency please hold the line‘ but once you get through they can’t help you with the emergency? They just say it’s been escalated to the specialist team. 2 going on 3 days I have not had any access to my bank account at all, literally I can’t do anything!! & this is the only bank account I have, when I first spoke to somebody they told me that it would take up to 24hrs, then I was then told 8hrs so on and so forth and still nothing has happened, it’s extremely inconvenient for me as I have dependents. I have told them so many times that I need to make payments and they just keep saying there’s nothing they can do until the investigation is finished. I’ve read previous topics and someone from the Monzo team said that there suppose to give you a time frame which says ‘ 8 hours ‘
It’s been almost 3 days and every time I have spoken to someone or asked for an update they say there isn’t any!
I am now going to incur charges because I am unable to make any payments towards my bills .

Why can’t you access your account?

To give you an analogy without wanting to offend anyone, the people who you speak to first are like receptionists (all be it with good general knowledge). Once they know what the issue is you will then be sent to the appropriate doctor who specialises in that area to give you the best possible help/advice.

All that being said:

Why can’t you log in? Have you tried at web.monzo.com?

I can log into my account, but my account is frozen.

That can take a while to sort. It all depends how much investigation is needed

They’ll contact you as soon as they can

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Ahhh then yeah, you’ve no chance of getting access anytime soon. They freeze it while they conduct an investigation into whatever caused the account to be frozen.

Read more here:

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Because there’s been an incident that was brought to there attention. Which is understandable but they don’t normally freeze your account completely. This has never happened to me before.

Yes they do - all banks are legally required to do so until they conclude their investigation and consult with the relevant authorities :slight_smile:

My account has never been frozen, all they have done is blocked mu card and sent out another one. I understand that there doing it to protect me, but when you have bills to pay it’s extremely inconvenient

How many times has this happened?


You said that your account was frozen, now it’s just your card?

Direct debits will still work for your bills so don’t worry. Just message them in app and ask them to release some funds for you. However I’m sure your replacement card will be here in 2 or 3 days at the most.

My account is completely frozen, this is the first time this has happened no money can go in or out of my account.
Previous occasions my card has been the only that’s been frozen which has only ever happened for a few days, apologises if you mis-understood.

This is the first time my whole account has been frozen

Ok. So we’re back to your account being frozen.

Therefore the article I posted earlier is what you need to read in order to understand why and what the process is. This should answer all your questions.

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No, how many times have they frozen your card previously because you’ve reported fraud on your account?

I’m unsure, but it has only been for a few hours max because of unrecognised payments or refunds

im guessing that it’s a lot of times since you don’t remember

This is probably why they’ve blocked your account while they investigate what’s been going on.

Might be worth opening another account elsewhere just in case the investigation doesn’t go in your favour


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