Email & SMS Alerts


I would like to see customized automated email alerts for some deposits and credits like if you get paid over certain amount or your account goes below a certain balance and a custom account statement; i.e. Able to choose date range, able to filter specific categories.
SMS alerts could help if someone is a broad or in an area with bad mobile phone reception.
I know Monzo is app only but these addons could be at user discretion if they want to have them they can by default everything can stay app based.

(Bruce Davies) #2

Or notifications when certain criteria are reached - payments in/out over a specific value, balance goes above/below specific values etc.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

I’d use this too :heart_eyes:

This is the kind of functionality that I reckon IFTTT / Zapier / Workflow are perfect for. I expect different users will want to be able to set different rule / criteria for the alerts & those services would enable them to do exactly that.

The API would need to be ready first though..

(Hugh) #4

I made this for a hackathon :slight_smile:

(Frank) #5

A Monzo powered IFTTT :thinking: Stuff of the future right there! The possibilities would be endless.

(Nicholas Carter) #6

If my wages get paid in, control my smart lighting, turn on “party mode”, and order a pizza? :eyes: