Eligibility for Internationals in UK on a Work Visa


I will be moving to the UK next week from India on a work visa. I have a few questions:

  1. Am I eligible for a Monzo Account?
  2. I might receive money from my parents occasionally, I understand Monzo doesn’t support native SWIFT payments, but can that money be sent some other way?
  3. Which ATMs within the UK can I use without any fees?
  4. What are the differences between a basic account and a checking account, if I won’t use overdraft or write cheques?


  1. Yes. Your visa status is irrelevant to opening a bank account.
  2. Open another bank account that supports international transfers and use that, then transfer from there to Monzo.
  3. Most are fee-free, just check on the display.
  4. We don’t have checking accounts, that’s a US thing. We have current accounts. A basic account is just a current account with basic functionality, so usually without overdrafts.

Checking account is the American term for current account

Yes you are eligible as soon as you have a UK address they can send a card to.

Monzo will be launching an IBAN in the future. Until then check if Transferwise can transfer Rupees

Uk ATMs are free from monzo charges (some charge a fee but you’ll soon figure out which ones to avoid)

The easiest way to find fee free ATMs is to use one at a bank. But you’ll never be charged by an ATM without being given an opportunity to abandon the withdrawal.

Monzo will never charge you for using an ATM in the UK.

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