Editing Monzo Pots

POTS are a great idea and I’ve set up several. However, unless I’m missing something obvious the functionality once set up has the following issues:

  1. When viewing a POT, the monthly saving amount isn’t shown.
  2. In Edit, the monthly amount can’t be changed
  3. In Edit, the ‘saving date’ can’t be changed.
  4. The POT only allows monthly transfers, I get paid 4-weekly so over time the ‘sync’ dates don’t work well.

The only editable fields are the POT name and the ‘Goal’ amount.

I messaged the Monzo Team and was told that the only way to make changes was to cancel a POT then re-create it with the required changes. Not only is this not logical but it would presumably delete the Goal saving history.

Please Monzo can you update the functionality of the POTS.


Can’t you edit this under the payments screen and scheduled payments.


Not on iOS i don’t seem to have an edit button :thinking:


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Could just cancel it and reschedule it here instead?


Hi there. There’s no edit facility, the only thing you can do in Scheduled Payments is to Cancel!

Yeah I noticed that. You can edit some but not others.

You can cancel it in there though and reschedule in the add to pot screen.

Having to cancel is totally counter-intuitive. Not only do you have to put all the info’ in again, you would no doubt lose the Goal history. You should just be able to edit the various parameters.

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No you’re misunderstanding (or I am). Cancel the scheduled payment.

Then re-add the schedule in the add to pot screen. Not ideal but doesn’t involve deleting pots and goals.

I agree it should be easier, but it can be done without deleting the pot.

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From the chatter from Monzo I think we will see a redeveloped pots interface fairly soon so hopefully soon you’ll see all this functionality! Plenty of workarounds for now at least


Hi that does work; it wasn’t obvious, thanks.

Just need 4 week scheduling now :slight_smile:

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No worries!

It’s a decent stop gap - but simply being able to edit it like you can other payments is the real solution!

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