Edit scheduled pay to pot payment details-FAIL

Needs to be done. Seen a thread for this way back in the day 2018…:

Cannot edit the date or amount of a scheduled payment to a pot

To have only a “Cancel Scheduled Payment” is a bit unsophisticated at this level of the game… my 2d

It’s best to vote on the other thread, not duplicate. Otherwise you’re just spreading votes around.

And you’ve put this topic in the ‘Done’ category too. So on one hand you’re asking for it but the other saying it is done.

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Do Monzo really take any notice of the Votes threads any more tbh? :man_shrugging:

Was great in the early days but, as has been mentioned many times before on this forum, active users of this community account for a minuscule percentage now of their customer base.

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Nope, I don’t think so.

I vote for all sorts of things that others ask for, not because I want it or it will help me. But just to give their feedback more visibility and chance.

Anything that is super popular/obvious (cheque imaging, pot to pot, joint account parity) doesn’t need votes, Monzo already know about it, they know it’s wanted, they’ll either do it or they won’t, but a few hundred votes won’t make any difference.

Anything that gets 4 votes because it’s super niche, isn’t going to happen unless Monzo think it will drive revenue or someone does it in their free/hack time.

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