E-reader vs physical book

(brandon skerritt) #1

Which one do you prefer and why? :grin:

  • E-reader
  • Book

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(Jorge) #2

Nothing beats a real book. But I have to admit that thanks to the convenience of having a Kindle I got into the habit of reading a lot again :stuck_out_tongue: They’re both awesome!


e-reader because you can change the font size, style, and page formatting.


I get more engaged in a real book but I love the handiness of ebooks. Although recently I’ve been loving audio books

(#savetheseabass) #5

Much prefer real books but all the bookcases are full and I haven’t room for more so it’s all kindle now :cry:

(Simon Porter) #6

I generally prefer e-reader for most things. There are books which don’t really work on an e-reader such as recipe books. Ebooks seem to suit books where you are reading from start to finish rather than flicking through.



What I really want is for Amazon to give me a free Kindle copy when I buy a physical one. I’m still a sucker for a bookshelf (and a real book when at home!) - but a Kindle is just so so convenient…

(Eve) #8

I prefer physical books or the iBooks app. I haven’t managed to get used to a Kindle. I have the cheapest version that doesn’t have backlight and it makes my eyes hurt.


This reminds me of a conversation I had with someone years ago. The gist of it was you don’t own the book ( defined as being able to sell it ) and lending the book isn’t easy.

(Peter Roberts) #10

I’m very pro-kindle. My reasons

  • more comfortable to read than a real book
  • built in light
  • doesn’t require space for physical book storage
  • I can have more books than I could ever store physically
  • access to any of my books anywhere
  • access to any of my books on multiple devices

Though I’m mostly listening to audio books ATM


I prefer actual books but I use my kindle loads out of convenience or when travelling.

(Cheryl) #12

If I actually did any reading, e-book would be my choice.

Convenient, no need for loads of physical storage space, and more comfortable to read.

That said, it’s been a very long time since I read any book of my own. I go to the library once a week with my daughter and we read about 10-20 new children’s books a week between us, plus her bedroom is full of books, but reading is so far down my own priority list that I just don’t do it any more.

I did temporarily have a job last year where I could have my earphones in all night, and I got through a few audiobooks in that time and loved that experience. I could enjoy a book whilst doing something else, which meant I actually found time to enjoy them, but they’re too expensive for me to buy regularly. I used every free trial I could find, then gave up.


I love a book but I rarely get the time to read. By the time I’ve read a book it’s battered from being sat in my bag for weeks.


Depends what type of book you’re talking about. If it’s a book which isn’t necessarily read linearly (e.g. textbook or technical book) I prefer physical books. For books that are read linearly (novels, biographies, etc) I don’t really mind either way.


I think cookbooks work best in a digital format though.
I wish this one was available that way.
Modernist Cuisine at home was available digitally so I grabbed that. Searching is a dream.


Oh yeah that’s a good point. Also, don’t get a kindle for university if you have to read a lot of fiction books. They’re a pain to search through even with the ability to search, lol. The refresh rate is just way to slow.

(Eve) #18

I got mine assuming it would be useful for this reason, and it is so, so, so slow. I much prefer physical books or online access, which I move to ibooks


I generally use my iPad or iPhone for reading (or any other smartphone, before I got an iPhone).

I just like the fact I can read it anywhere, and it syncs my current position… not to mention I can read it with the light off (and the books app on night mode).

I generally use Play Books (I have a small library from when I used Android), which is available on iOS so it’s fine. Plus, the Play Books night mode is better.

I don’t read as often as I did, but I do read now and again. I haven’t bought a print book in a loooong time. The last time I think was when I bought a bundle of CHERUB books from school in year 8… that was a while ago.