Duel/Split categories for payments

So basically I do a shop and pay £20 knowing £8 was a cheeky treat bottle of wine and £12 on general food shopping. What would be cool is being able split categories so that rather then putting £20 in shopping I can split it into two categories to accurately represent what I spent my money on


This would be fantastic to be honest, same goes for fuel bills. If you buy £40 of fuel and get a meal deal for £5, sometimes you see £45 categorised as fuel as it’s the same payment.


I also agree, I actually came on here as I bought a nice bottle of gin as a gift as part of my grocery shop and now it looks like I’ve spent quite a bit more on groceries this month! Would be a great suggestion.
Also when I travel with work I get a supplement for food etc but if I spend over that amount on a nice dinner for myself then would be good to separate that out to expenses and eating out for the extra!