Dual/Multiple PINs per card

I’ve been browsing Bunq’s website and found they have a feature where you can set up two PINs on your card, one that charges your main account and one that charges a backup account. You can also use the second account as a backup in case your main account doesn’t have enough funds in it. I think this is an incredible idea, and could be used as a way for Monzo customers to spend money from Pots using your card without having to transfer money over (e.g. one pot for grocery shops, one (probably more limited!) pot for use on a nightout) so you don’t exceed your budgets.

Bunq’s page about Dual PIN for reference: https://together.bunq.com/d/1993-multiple-pin-backup-account


I can’t remember the last time I used my pin, I’d love to have the option of disabling it all together so I can have
better security.

It’s either my fingerprint or Google Pay for me. As a result I think that PIN is redundant and more hassle that it’s worth, so it needs retiring :slight_smile:

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If you’re worried about people getting your pin then surely you’d be worried about people using your card on contactless? If you solely only use Google pat then you’re better off keeping your card at home :joy:

This is a really great feature.

Unfortunately, I think Bunq have patented it.

I’ve tried leaving my card at home and it feels weird, almost like I’m lost without it :sweat_smile: It would be sods law that I’d end up somewhere that doesn’t use contactless or take card at all. So I’d need a cash machine, which are also prehistoric :joy:

I guess what I’m saying is that plastic and PINs are still too heavily integrated to be able to have that choice. It’s a shame that we’re stuck in the past with these outdated systems and technology when there is better out there.

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