Driving / Fuel Consumption

I’d close down my account and migrate to Starling quicker than you can say global catastrophe if Monzo started incentivising fuel consumption.


I wouldn’t say cashback on fuel is incentivising fuel consumption. For many people, putting petrol in their cars is their biggest expense, and something they can’t do without. They need it to commute, to earn money. So a bit back wouldn’t hurt.

I know, the environment and all that. But we can’t expect people to just radically change their lives even though they have no other alternative. And giving something back to them isn’t incentivising anything.

It’s not like people will think “Oh well, they’re offering me 0.5% back on fuel so I might as well just go and water my plants with this delicious petrol”


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People still need to drive.

This “woke” green agenda hits those at the bottom hardest as they need to be able to commute for work.


Being forced to spend a large proportion of your income on an unsustainable and expensive mode of transport, just to earn said income, hits the poorest hardest.

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Where I live public transport is more expensive than driving.


It will be if you exclude any of the costs of driving; learning to drive, licence, insurance, depreciation, mechanical bills, fuel, parking etc.

The infrastructure isnt there either. Scrapping a car and using public transport 100% might work for those in London or other big cities. It doesnt work for the majority of the country who dont live in cities.


So you ignore utility?

Being forced to spend a large proportion of your income on an unsustainable and expensive mode of habitation, just to earn said income, hits the poorest hardest.

See how that can be twisted to include renting? If it brings the user utility then it’s something that someone shouldn’t really begrudge paying - increasing prices is what people begrudge.


I’m not ignoring anything. Happy to discuss further, if anyone is interested but off topic so a new thread is needed.

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I’ve split this conversation out from the Monzo Plus thread as it’s slightly off-topic :slight_smile:

This is the most true thing ever
Living in the middle of nowhere fuel is my biggest outgoing and honestly the constant whining we get over how much fuel we get through from the inner M25 lot is pure insulting.


My issue with green arguments end up being the elitism and snobbery towards working class people.

If ditching petrol and diesel cars was easy and affordable for most of the population we would have done it already.

I also hate people who tell me I don’t need a pick up truck for my job when they have no idea what I face on a regular basis :joy:


I’m not saying I agree (or disagree) but I heard a commentator refer to the Extinction Rebellion protests in London as “a hobby for middle class snobs”.

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The thing is, that if public transport were better, and driving was less easy, there would be much fewer vehicles on the road, so that the people who do need to drive would have a much nicer time.

I think most people accept that there will always be a need for some private vehicle ownership, but if private vehicle ownership was not the default position, cities and towns would be much nicer places to live in

The fundamental problem is that governments don’t want to do anything that makes the lives of “hard-working drivers” more difficult because it’s a massive vote loser for them. But in the long term, any measures that make walking, cycling and public transport a better option will reduce pollution and make everyones lives easier

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