Drag and drop pots

(Anthony ) #1

I know this has been spoken about before going back to a thread in 2018 but I haven’t seen anything newer on a light browse of the threads.

To organise our money better is there anymore news on drag and drop pots feature? This would help us to manage the pots and see exactly how much we have to save and spend. If this option was available I could list my utility bills, car funds and savings.

I would like to say how great this service is and I have offered the service to my family and friends who have now signed up to. Thank you for all your hard work!

(Beta User) #2

I really hope they will being drag and drop feature for pots :honey_pot:. We can shuffle around the pots. Any plans on this @simonb

(Simon B) #3

This isn’t something we’ve planned, but I can certainly raise it with the team.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #4

For the uninitiated, how would that work?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #5

I think he means drag pots so that you can sort them into a custom order.

(✌️) #6

Would love this, it really annoys me when pots aren’t in an order I think they should be.
I keep having to delete and re-create them.

(Gareth Lowrie) #7

I think I raised this on another post. This is something I would love.


I would really love to see this. I really thought when the new account tab was shown this would be one of the features.

On iOS this could be done (on the upcoming account tab redesign it would work better) by either long press, then drag up or down to reorder, or using 3D Touch on supported models rather than long press.

(Anthony ) #9

The long press idea and drag is certainly what we were thinking. It would really take the hassle out of deleting and re-creating. I’d eager to see if anything would happen :grin::+1:

(Splodf) #10

Mine have been randomly swapping order ever since the pots/account update.

I too would like to put them in order.


This is definitely needed!

(Beta User) #12

Yes, for example once I have achieved my target for holiday pots , I would like to drag it and drop towards the end. I would drag other pots forward.

(Richard) #13

Can it? I’ve tried this and can’t get it to work.


I meant that if they enabled re-ordering of pots this is the way it would make most sense (to me) to build it on iOS, once the new account tab with the vertical layout is introduced :blush:

It hasn’t been done yet, but I had assumed that a way to reorder pots would have been part of the account tab redesign considering it seems to be a common frustration.

(Beta User) #15

I wish they can add this functionality. It will be awesome

(Beta User) #16

@simonb, can you kindly bring this request on our behalf. Cheers