Group pots together in folders

Do anyone else have loads of pots and wish they could group them together.

I’m moving home soon and need to keep certain things separate so i don’t accidentally spend money i shouldn’t.
For example i have pots for;

  • Rent (used for rent)
  • Van Hire (used for van hire)
  • Moving Home (used for everything else like packaging, new appliances and such)

I’d prefer those 3 items to be grouped together and show as one folder with one overall total called Home Move, then when i click for that folder, the 3 items show up in there.

I think it would go a long way to cleaning up the pots if you have loads of them. I have this problem with my dog stuff too and my bills. Seems so simple and I’ve seen requests for it but it’s still not a thing.

As pointless as the voting system is, it’s better to bump/vote in one of the threads you mention rather than repeating the topic.

I’m sure the average pot use isn’t that high so most people aren’t being as granular as this, which makes the need for it quite low. You could just put these funds in one pot?


It’s an interesting idea, but might make the process of selecting pots for adding/withdrawing funds or setting up scheduled transfers more convoluted.

I am pretty granular in my budgeting (9 pots in current account, 17 in joint account, 13 in business account) but they’re not a problem to navigate. The only real advantage I can see is an aggregate total at the folder level.

If you’re worried about spending money accidentally you can lock and/or hide pots so you have to add extra steps to withdraw the funds.

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