Double charge from sainsbury

Went grocery shopping a while ago. Used the my monzo card to pay for my bill, entered my pin code but transaction failed. Tapped my card on the machine and payment went thru. I was charged twice. Dont know where to get help for my concern. Frustrating.

Speaking to Sainsburys would be your first port of call. Monzo always advise that you try and sort it with the merchant first as for them to take action can take months :slight_smile:

Is it definitely a double charge?

Not one that failed because you need to verify with pin? And you say “a while ago” when was it? Have you tried contacting Sainsburys?

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As @Ordog said try speaking to the retailer first. More often than not they’ll pass the blame onto your bank and tell you to complain to them instead, but it’s still important you ask them first.

To me though, it sounds like the first payment is being treated as pending, and should normally just revert in a few days when the retailer doesn’t claim it. Sometimes it can take few weeks, or more recently in my case, it’s taking a month or more, but you will get it back.

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It happened like 2 hours ago. It is definitely double charge. I did speak with the customers service about my problem. They just told me to wait for 1-2days to have my money sent back. Do i need to do anything for sainsburys to know that they charged me twice? Lol.

I’d go back to store with your receipt, show them that on your phone and get them to deal with it.

Tap a payment, at the very bottom, do they both say pending?

As @N26throwaway says, you’ll automatically get one back when it isn’t “claimed”

Chances are you don’t need Sainsbury’s to do anything. If you press on the transactions they’ll both be pending and one will be processed and the other won’t… I’ve had this in Tesco a few times


I called Monzo thru their hotline. Finally got my money back. Thanks for all help.

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What did Monzo say had happened? Did you money come back from the retailer, or did Monzo advance it to you while they claimed it back?

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