Don't rely on just this card - be aware of Limits

(Kevin otton) #1

Used this in Thailand and found cards are not generally accepted. Busted atm limit in the first week. Monzo were great and set higher limits but busted these week 2. My son is travelling on and is now in the same position. Hit the monthly limits and having to use another option.
In summary. Have a plan B for getting cash if travelling for more than a week

(Naji Esiri) #2

Hey @Kevino , thanks for the feedback! This is an issue that quite a few people travelling have encountered whilst travelling in countries, particularly in places where cards are not as commonly accepted. The limits are set by our card issuer currently, once we bring processing in-house we can be a little bit more flexible with these and hopefully find a solution which works for everyone!

(Rika Raybould) #3

It’s also worth noting that there are three levels of limits. If you’ve been using your card actively for a few months, you can check with support to see if you qualify for the enhanced verification limits if you haven’t got them already.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

This is great advice!

In case anyone wants to check what the limits on the accounts are, you can view the first two levels of the limits here & the limits that’re applied after enhanced verification via the link that RichardR’s posted.

You can also view your limits in your settings, here’s the guide for iOS users & here’s the guide for Android users.

(Kevin otton) #5

The Monzo support was outstanding and I am on the best limits now. Please do not overlook the pain involved of hitting limits while away. Seven hours ahead of UK time. Needing more cash than is available and hitting monthly limits in 5 days. Having to negotiate new limits while away requires good wifi and time. There is almost a case to identify you are travelling and raising limits for a period of time.

(Rika Raybould) #6

Indeed, I’m not discounting the inconvenience of hitting limits while traveling, especially if your only backup card is a traditional UK debit card that charges huge fees. :scream:

I do know from speaking to several people that this is definitely on the cards to be looked at fixing once, as @Naji said, Monzo take control of their card processing in the current account roll-out.