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Hi guys I have just applied for monzo card for travelling to use for about a month is the card limit for ATM withdrawals still set at £1000 as I don’t think this is going to be anywhere near enough cash for me with a family of 4 for the time we are there?

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Normal verification is £1000 ATM withdrawal limit on a rolling 30 day limit - enhanced verification gets to a £2000 ATM withdrawal limit - however Im not sure you would qualify for enhanced limits as soon as you get the card before Monzo knows your usage , as it costs Monzo 2.5% for cash withdrawals outside of EU - so quite an expense for the company - whereas POS terminal use doesnt incur the charge (to Monzo)

  • another option is to get a card for your partner which would double your limits :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately for the prepaid cards you won’t be able to get your limit increased further as you have not actively used the account for more than two months…

The card limits remain the same for the time being however once current accounts are launched you will definitely see them increase!


Use it for paying as well, rather than just ATM withdrawals. As far as I’m aware it will be widely accepted, but there is a dedicated wiki for the USA on here.


Ok guys thanks for the answer luckily I only put £100 open balance on it was about to put £5k on it for holiday in the states but think £33 per day is not gonna go very far on tips and cabs alone…shame really great concept.

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but thats only £33 /day in cash - if you use POS terminals you can spend your 5 grand ( in 1 grand chunks :slight_smile: )

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Try using a taxi/private hire company that allows card payments such as Lyft for example to avoid having to pay using cash, as Ian mentioned - the use of POS terminals does not affect the ATM withdrawal limit either! :grinning:

When are you planning on going to the states?


I understand that Ian it’s still nowhere near enough cash for a family of four in New York for quick ice cream, cold drink, bagels food stalls cabs tips ect,any idea why its so low?


Hi Mike 2 weeks today

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as I previously said it costs Monzo to ‘facilitate’ your cash withdrawals outside of EU as a new user the company doesnt want to be charged £125 for your 5grand cash withdrawal so you can get great rates on cash - they are quite happy for you to use POS terminals and get the same great rates as it doesnt cost them that much - maybe use your other card ( presumably you have one ?) to withdraw cash and see what you get charged for that facility - then use your Monzo for POS terminals :slight_smile:


But I would not need 5K in withdrawals but I would need more than £1000 I understand it’s don’t want to be charge £125 just a shame it not more.

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yep - unfortunately them the rules - as I said get your partner another card and double your limits :slight_smile: this in itself (£2000 cash ) would cost Monzo £50 for facilitating you using holiday cash :frowning: rather than POS terminals


Yes think that’s the answer.Maybe


In regards to it costing Monzo £50 for my holiday cash is that sustianable?

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nope :slight_smile: which is why Monzo are considering the way forward for high cash usage customers outside EU areas - be it lowering the ATM withdrawal limits for them , keeping them the same or charging for ATM withdrawals outside EU area for the customers who continually use the card for cash withdrawals only :slight_smile:


Ok thanks for your help best get that other card then before it’s too late

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I spent a week and a half in New York (14th Jun - 25th) and took no cash with me. Used my card every where and had no problems with it - made a few withdrawals while I was out there just in case I needed cash. Only really used it for tips eating out. Obviously I don’t know what your family’s spending habits will be on holiday there but you might not need to withdraw more than a grand in cash if you just use your card at POS terminals.

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Likewise… I was in LA and San Francisco for 2 weeks in February and only used cash to tip. Everything else was card payments with no problems :ok_hand:t4:

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