Taking Monzo to Thailand (Limits)

Hi I’m planning on using my new monzo card in Thailand in January and then after that as my regular spend card in the uk.
Out of interest i can see limits based on 3 levels, just not sure which level i fit into.
I know i’m not 3 as that says enhanced.
But am i 2? i have sent over a video and my passport is this what classes as verified?
I feel that 3k per year is a little low as that is less than my rent per year £3650 which i withdraw monthly, so won’t use the card before Thailand to ensure i don’t hit the limit out there.
Following from that my other question is as my card is arriving in the next few days, do i have to use it before January or will it just sit there unused with no issue?

All prepaid Monzo customers are now level 2. First verification was initial one, but in April/June, Monzo had to validate all users due to changes in EU anti-laundering regulations. Since this action was undertaken, all new users and existing users are at least level 2. :slight_smile:

Yeaah, those ATM limits are restricted by Wirecard, third party company involved in prepaid Monzo.

Monzo Current Acocunts have higher limits, Monzo plans to upgrade everyone to Current Account by end of this year - if all goes well. So by the time you go to Thailand this might not be a problem at all. Also, there are soo many benefits of Current Accounts (and no requirements), most importantly - limits and different card type, debit card.

Yes, it can wait unused, but you’d be missing out so much! :sob: If it’s ATM limits that you’re worried, just don’t use it for ATM withdrawals, and use it for everything else. :smiley: