Don't go, coral card! 😍

(Robert Keith Lawrence) #206

Just had my Monzo card arrive and wow, that colour! I love it. My mother even made a comment about the ‘shocking pink’ look. I corrected her naturally. Hot Coral is the way of the future, long may it continue.

(Jamie) #207

There is only one colour I’d choose over Hot Coral, and that would be Acid Yellow.

Option for the credit card perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Investor card design
(Not related to any Monzo employees) #208

Aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid Hoovers and horns

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #209

how about a bright orange? or better still, hot coral!

(not related to Monzo CEO) #210

Reach for the lasers :D!

(Danny) #211


(Alex Sherwood) #212

I spotted this on Twitter yesterday & it’s great to see that we’re getting closer to the launch of the current accounts but…the card has the old MasterCard logo :scream: is this the final design now? And if so, I’d be curious to hear what happened there…

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #213

With regard to the old MasterCard logo I assume that was a small batch from what Eileen called “internal testing” and the final one will have the new logo, similar to the one Paul showed at a meeting in their old office? Anyone from Monzo able to clarify?

(Alex Sherwood) #214

Never mind, I found the answer :tada:

(Jason Yau) #215

That is outrageously good looking in red.

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #216

Hot Coral.

Maybe @RichardR needs to start wearing Hot Coral tshirts instead of red :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #217

:rofl: Embarrassing

(Andre Borie) #218

Are they really that stupid or is it just policy that they have to reply like this? :joy:

(Richard Müller, Consultant) #219

I think it is standard NafWest policy as they are replying like that on various social media every time they spot someone says they will leave :slight_smile:

(Sam Watkin) #220

As @alexs managed to track down on Twitter, these are indeed just internal cards :thumbsup: The final debit cards should look like the pictures that have been floating around here a bit, with the new Mastercard logo, customer names, and at least initially, hot coral :heart_eyes:

The very boring reason begin that switching card design completely is a very lengthy process, so we want to be able to start taking these cards through their paces as soon as possible, without waiting for this to complete :timer_clock:

We can’t wait to share them with you :tada:

(Tom - Alpha) #221

At least initially? Don’t go, hot coral card!


I really like the blue design, but I’ve got to say that the Hot Coral card gets a lot of people talking when I use it and I’m sure that there have been a few more sign-ups after fact.

Why not go for two cards? One for business and one for leisure; think of it as the Monzo Mullet (I’m trade marking that name :smiley:)

(lee) #223

Lets face it not hard to beat there totally dull previous efforts which have been only slightly amended since it went from midland.
Flat map on grey with words changed to dull silver when they swapped to visa from switch maestro.:scream:


I find all the banks - HSBC, Natwest, Santander, RBS/Halifax. Barclays, First Direct, Co-op. Metro, Starling, Revolut cards are all really plain and uninspiring. Is that what people want from their bank - boring?

Apart from Monzo’s hot coral the only design I really like is Lloyds (I don’t bank with Lloyds). That powerful horse with the stern green instils trust in the product. You don’t see a lot of animation on cards. It would be awesome if Hot Chip made it onto the Monzo card one day, or into the app somewhere. Give little chip his big break! :love_letter:

(james_e_bell) #225

Agree! I still hear merchants talking about monzo cards - last week had a comment saying “its another one of those orange cards!”