Does Monzo have its own credit score?

Dear guys, I’ve recently moved here in the UK and newbie in everything such as city, credit score, loan, etc.
I have some question and would appreciate your time and dedication in advance to helping me:

1- Does Monzo have its own credit maker/score (for Monzo Flex).
I tried to register it but it said I’m not eligible.

2- How can I do these criteria things, to get scores.
I’m an enterprenuer (self-employed), and trying to run my own startup in near future, and don’t have any salary statment yet, is there any other option to use Monzo Flex?

3- Can create a history to make score by using Monzo with my bills, direct debits, etc? or shall I do something else?

So sorry for my long story :slight_smile:, I hope you get what you want.

All banks and companies that offer finance / credit do.

They take your “generic score” in the case of Monzo it’s Credit Karma or Experian and then layer some other data to make a more informed decision.


Yes you can.

Monzo report to all 3 reference agencies:

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If you’re new to the UK, finding a credit profile can be difficult.

Monzo does have internal scoring but mostly for the other products we have.

From an account perspective it’s worth having a look at credit karma and seeing what information is there, and once you’ve built some form of credit report, apply again.

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Some tips for boosting your creditworthiness:

Moneysavingexpert is a generally useful site for UK-relevant personal finance stuff.

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Yes we do - every lender in the UK will have their own credit score.

Your credit score is only a small component of why you may/ may not be eligible for Flex - other components include affordability checks and income verification.

If you DM me your email on here I can take a look at the reason for you.

In terms of getting Flex - yes, we’ll also take into account things like this and how long you’ve had an account with us.


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