Does Expensive HDMI Cable Mean Better Picture?

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #21

You obviously didn’t pay enough monies for that cable then.


Over 10m I think it matters, not sure why I think that. I’ve had cheap cables that don’t work and expensive cables that don’t work. I’ve had cheap cables that are great and expensive cables that are great.

(Thomas Horne) #23

Cables are the same; within audio a coathanger wire performs just as good as an expensive coil of speaker wire/expensive cables.

I’ve been using Poundland HDMI cables without issue for years.

(Jai Sullivan) #24

Curry’s/PC World love attempting to con customers into ‘having’ to buy £90-100 HDMI cables to use with their new TVs. Hate the place!

(Kristian Hoyle-Johnson) #25

Usually it’s just build quality, and doesn’t affect the actual picture/audio quality, unless you go for a really really cheap one.