Does anyone use a Hackintosh?

I personally like Apple’s OS X, however I didn’t really like the hardware spec you get for the Apple Tax.

So I have been running Hackintosh (OS X on regular PC hardware) and it runs just like a normal Mac.
It can do everything a normal Mac can including Hand-off/Airdrop to my iPhone 8 Plus.

I am curious if anyone else here runs one? My PC also runs Windows 10 on a seperate SSD.

Using OpenCore bootloader


I did 10 years ago, it was a a lot of fun but I got a little bored of it eventually.

My moment of internet fame: Being the first to get Snow Leopard (I believe) fully functioning on a range of Toshiba laptops. Got me my first job too!

It was pretty exciting. There was a really big community back then too.


I currently use a Hackintosh alongside my 7-year old Macbook Pro. Decided a few years after buying that Macbook Pro that I could make significant savings with a Hackintosh over buying a new Macbook Pro or iMac.

I need to transfer over to OpenCore from Clover at some point but it means learning via that extremely long guide and I can’t be bothered to right now :laughing:. Will probably do it when Big Sur is released.

I tried to run Snow Leopard on my Core 2 Duo dell machine at the time. It didn’t work at all sadly - I was likely doing something wrong with iAktos - this was back on 08-09. I gained a lot of experience since then.

I too made the switch from Clover to OpenCore 0.5.7 (at the thime) it is a very easy guide to follow and even on an X99 based system (infamous for being difficult to work with) was quite easy - took me a little over 30 minutes

I’m on a I7 5960x (Haswell-E)

I am thinking of going to a 10700k though as the only downside is 16PCIe lanes vs 40 on my current platform (not like I take advantage of it at all)

I don’t even use OS X for what it’s arguably designed for (Coding, video editing, writting) etc. I use it as it is more stable than Windows 10 for me and looks nice.

I can’t sleep my PC though (because of my platform)

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