Dodgy Connections In " Network "

Earlier on I saw " Nexbox A95X " connected to my network via the windows browser, it then disappeared. This is an android box, which I do not own.

Then " RT2860 " appeared, and then a few minutes later it disappeared.

Any ideas ? Non of these show up in my routers homepage so cannot be connected to my wifi

This looks to be a WiFi chip-set from a quick Google.

Ok yeah it did say " Ra-Link " which could be my dongle

Still puzzled about the android box

No idea on this one sorry.

There are a few posts online about the RT2860 appearing and disappearing, possible because it’s legacy so Windows is working out how to handle it if it’s not long been plugged in/powered up? (complete guess)

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What do you mean by “Windows browser” and if it’s not connected to your router/local network what do you mean by it being “in network”?

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You mean Explorer? If they are appearing there, they are on your local network. Have you tried pinging it?