Dodgy company Apmex Ltd

Hello, I keep get unauthorised transactions on my account. This company Apmex inc (I have no idea who they are, keep trying to take money out of my account). I’ve changed cards but I find it alarming and concerning they continue to do so. I’m worried they’ll get obtain my new card details.

Can you kindly put a block on this company please.

Kind regards


We are all just customers. You will need to use in app support. A quick google tells me that Apmex is a gold and silver investing company.


Just to add, the best way to do that is to find one of the transactions in your app feed, touch it, scroll to the bottom and touch “Something wrong? Get help”

(I am also only a customer)


This is correct.

Might also be worth considering if you’ve registered your card to any investment/crypto based platforms recently as they may trade as another name often.

Thank you for your response @Carlo1460, I’ve never registered for any such companies. So, this is clearly a scam.

Thank you for this @HoldenCarver. Best regards.

Gosh now realise, thank you @lpoolrob for letting me know. Best regards

Apmex (American Precious Metals EXchange) is one of the top bullion dealers in the US and deliver to the UK as well. They are a completely legit business with a reputation for excellent service.

Sounds like someone has your card details and is trying to buy bullion. Defo alert Monzo about it in app!

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Hmm interesting to know this. Then with all that in mind, as mentioned someone is definitely trying to continue using my old details. Thank you @rarther

If you have replaced your card, clicking into the declined payment you should be able to hide future attempts for payments on that card.

If you can’t find this in app contact our support and they will be able to stop this for you.

Let’s us know how you get on :hot_coral_heart:

Morning @Moddingfriendly, thank you for this, I’ve replaced the card but I’ll take note of what you’ve advised. Best regards.

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