Do your friends sometimes forget to pay you back?

(Tony Sian) #1

Hey community,

Have you ever sent a mate a Monzo Request link, only for them to forget it?

Maybe I have stingy friends, but I find it happens a lot, and the thing that I don’t like is having to REMEMBER if person X or person Y has actually paid me back.

Introducing, my fresh new brand-spanking idea… Payment Request Updates!

So the concept is simple. Every time you send someone a payment request link, the Monzo app tracks that you have done so. If the person hasn’t paid you back in X amount of time, you get a notification telling you that you still haven’t received payment. Now you can chase your friends and demand they pay, and if they don’t they are NOT having a go on the new Mario game on Nintendo Switch you just bought yesterday.

I like this idea because it means you can kind-of ‘set and forget’ your payment requests. No need to keep tabs on it. Just send your mate a request and let Monzo remind you if they’ve forgotten to pay you.

Let me know what you guys think!



Never happened to me, I guess I’m careful enough not to lend money to such “friends”, but I agree, a feature to track money owed to you could be nice. It could even go overkill with an integration with Chaser to deal with the really bad payers. :joy:

(Tony Sian) #3

Haha that might be taking it a tad too far!

(Dan) #4

I like this idea… I don’t use it often as its normally the Mrs that steals all my money… :slight_smile:

(Adam) #5

Friends who forget to pay back - are not very good friends.

(Tony Sian) #6

This may be true, but everyone’s busy, we’ve got a million-and-one distractions… it can sometimes slip both your minds.

(Ben Green) #7

This thread reminds me of a recent story a mate was telling me.

She asked another friend of hers for £10, explicitly specifying PayPal or bank transfer. A few days later, without even a knock on the door, had a loose £10 note posted through the letterbox. Luckily she found it before her toddler did otherwise it could’ve be torn up or fed to the shredder.

Moral of the story is in their somewhere but not safe to mention here.

(Simon B) #8

I love this idea. I reckon we could build it.


So like Google Pay reminders?

(Tony Sian) #10

Awesome - please do!

(Tony Sian) #11

From the look of it Google Pay Reminders is simply an email messaging system reminding you of recurring payments to friends etc. The idea that I propose, however, is linked to actually sending a request to somebody so that you can kind of ‘keep tabs’ on it. These requests don’t have to be recurring like with Google Pay Reminders, it can just be a one off.


You request money, and keep tabs of the requests in the transactions section. You can also set reminders or send them a reminder.

(Tony Sian) #13

Ah OK, yeah that sounds pretty much what I’d like to see implemented.