Do you use WIX?

Does anyone use the web builder WIX? :grin:


Not wanting to discredit Wix, it’s perfectly fine for a starter website, but it’s nothing more then that.


And I bloody hate their ads. And sponsorship deals.

The same with Squarespace.


What do people suggest instead?

A decent web host. Couple of options, purchase a Template for your site, or if you design one yourself? Perhaps get the talents of a young web designer wanting to get their work noticed :slight_smile:


I’d take Keanu Reeves over Karlie Kloss any day of the week.


Squarespace is nice with their templates and the ease of use for non-technical users.


Wordpress self hosted simples, I can sort for you if need be Monzo discount community rates :wink:

I’ve used it recently to create a website for a small bed and breakfast. For what they wanted if ticked all the boxes and at a reasonable price/timeframe.

If you want anything complex I’d go elsewhere but the tools they offer have definitely improved over the years.

It’s no harm in trying the free version to see if it does what you want and then look to pay to have adverts removed.

I like other people’s suggestions of getting a young developer the chance to build up their portfolio too :slight_smile:

1 Like - low traffic, speeds are ok, support has been good so far.
Use ‘RANK10’ for 10% discount. - has really good load times, the support I haven’t used on the site I’ve got with them, but the hosting is on the more expensive side of things.

I use WordPress. Its fully open source so its good if you can code, and build your own custom theme. Its also great for starters, using preset themes. Theres also a new drag and drop editor (Gutenberg editor) thats been introduced with WordPress V5. I’ve not had a look at it though.

The problem i find with WIX is that it isnt accessible. So those using screen readers, keyboard navigation, speech navigation, etc due to disabilities arent catered for in the way that WIX builds the site in the background. So a lot of the time, ARIA framework isnt enabled or used well. WordPress does most of this as a standard (apart from their drag and drop - its very difficult to make any drag and drop accessible, unfortunately).

I would 100% recommend WordPress. And I dont mind answering any questions that anyone on here has about it.

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I can vouch for this. Learning something like Divi for WordPress and WooCommerce if you use a shop is a really good starting point.

Not hard either, like learning how to use Microsoft Word minimal coding required and you be able to watch a couple of YouTube videos and get all the pointers you’d need and end up with a pretty professional looking website.

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Wordpress? Ewww.

Seriously just look at the codebase. It’s garbage.

If you need a blog why not look into Ghost? At least the code is decent.


If you don’t like the base code of WordPress, develop a custom theme and edit the code? I’m speaking about in particular, which is completely open source, which you run of either a host’s server or your own. Not, which I would agree, the codebase isn’t THAT great…

For me, I would say that Ghost is designed purely for blogging. Great for news/review sites, but poor for when you want it to do other things. I think for a beginner, Ghost’s Markdown editor will be a challenge, I much prefer the WYSIWYG editor in WP. Ghost’s USP is minimalism and that’s where it lets itself down, it doesn’t do anything special - it’s minimalism is visible in the functionality and the design.

We pretty much only use WordPress for small to medium sites, the only barrier is the skill and knowledge of the developer, when you can create Advanced Custom Fields, the possibilities are essentially endless. It does everything. For much larger sites we do use WordPress but also use TERMINAL4, who are fantastic and can host huge, huge multi-sites (I’m talking 50,000+ pages)

I think the world of web is open to interpretation in all honesty, the above is my interpretation :joy::exploding_head::man_shrugging:


If you don’t like the base code of WordPress, develop a custom theme and edit the code?

So I’ll have to develop an entire CMS from scratch then? Because the theme is the least of your worries… in fact the theme is probably the only “decent” code in there.

I’m speaking about in particular, which is completely open source, which you run of either a host’s server or your own. Not, which I would agree, the codebase isn’t THAT great…

I’d argue for the opposite. With the hosted service, I don’t have to care how bad or vulnerable the code is. I just pay a monthly fee and get service in exchange. I don’t have to worry about maintaining it, reinstalling the server when it inevitably gets compromised, etc.

I would say that Ghost is designed purely for blogging. Great for news/review sites, but poor for when you want it to do other things

Wordpress is designed for blogging too. Just like WP, you can hack Ghost to do other things but it’ll always be a hack. I’d suggest a custom website if you need to do anything more than a blog with a few static pages. Neither Ghost nor Wordpress are particularly well-suited for non-blogging usage, although I’d say it’s much easier to extend Ghost with custom code (it’s just an Express.js app) than it is to extend Wordpress.

My biggest issue with WP is its horrible codebase that leads to things like this. And no, I’m not saying it’s bad because it’s PHP - there is a way to do proper PHP, but Wordpress is definitely not it.


Whilst I agree. Got to remember we’re comparing it to Wix here.

In all fairness, I probably wasn’t the one to start an in-depth discussion. I work purely on the content side of things (and the accessibility compliance of front-end elements) so I’m not really familiar with different coding standards etc.

I’m just going off of what developers have told me, and how I, personally, see the site. Again, like I said, everyone has their preferences. And it’s important to respect that, I completely understand your issue against WordPress, and it’s something I’ll be feeding back to my colleagues…you raise some valid points.

I think most CMS are better than WIX in all fairness, and here’s my issue with WIX, purely from a business/marketing perspective, not development:

  • Their websites are slow - a lot of them source their servers from elsewhere or have servers that aren’t capable of handling peak volume.
  • Search engine rankings will reduce - A big one for me, as a marketer is that often, they don’t optimize for SEO, they don’t optimize for speed, they don’t have the best mobile compatibility, they aren’t keen to updates, they don’t use schema, etc - these are all taken into account when it comes to Google’s SEO algorithms.
  • Wow, so original - The problem with these templates is your brand identity, or lack of it. These ‘templates’ that are only sort of customisable are used by millions of others - ruining your brand identity. (Stats below)
  • Issue/Customer Service - If you want customer service that is half decent you’ll need to pay premium prices.
  • Custom features are few and far between - They make money on people signing up for premium accounts so most custom features are reserved for them. Primarily, these ‘drag and drop editors’ are designed for standard elements, not custom ones!

I saw this figure online, 90 million use WIX. They boast about 500 templates. 90,000,000 / 500 = 180,000…
So this means, you are statistically using the same theme as 180,000 other websites. Doesn’t seem like a very good decision to make from a branding point of view.

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We use it at work and it’s really not good enough for a professional organisation.

Essentially, WIX want to hold on to your data meaning that any input areas (such as forms) can’t be edited in terms of the HTML. So if we want to push lead information into Salesforce or even just put some basic CSS around the forms to style the form, we can’t.

Instead any lead information just gets stored within a WIX database which can’t be exported. On top of that, the code it generates just seems to be horrible and bloated.

I want us to switch - just not sure where to yet …

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I think there could be an angle here… :slight_smile:



Would never use Wix, SquareSpace or even, for me trying edit the code in the web builders is a headache (recently had a friend using VistaPrint web builder) I have not even looked into as use .org, I know it is a blogging site at its heart but also so much more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Will have a look at the Ghost CMS but not really a coder but can get by :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: