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I have noticed on a couple of user profiles personal domain names that point to random things so I thought maybe a share your site thread?

Mainly to just show off or get tips on how to do things etc… Mine is below, if you hover over the icons they change to their respective colour and the Dropbox one opens up so you can actually drop a file in and I will get it via Dropbox.

I want to change my site to something but I don’t really know what yet, may lose the Dropbox and swap for for sharepoint :thinking:


Mine is just a bog standard site I built using Dreamweaver and a bit of CSS


Just a blog running on Ghost. Currently using the default theme but hoping to get around to modifying it or using a new one.

Mainly a games/harder edged dance music blog. I don’t post as much as I’d like.

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Is that your station?

(Adam Hockley) #5

Yes download tunein and follow:-)


Woah, that’s quite clever!

Here’s mine:

The home page was built using my own HTML and CSS, however I use Jekyll as a template language to reduce copy+paste (ie: you can make it so each page inherrits from a base page so that the header and footer HTML is shared). I also use [Github Pages](]. I’d recommend both. Found out that Monzo uses both of these too, which is cool.

I welcome any criticism!

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Looks like this

I like the background image with the moving blocks, I wanted to do that but can’t find anything I like.

I would like to do what these guys have done with the thing following the mouse but that’s for later.


That’s called the Game of Life. Each cell is alive or dead, and updates depending on how many neighbours they have.

Yeah, quite hypnotic. Is it a open source thing? Because this site also has it:

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What even is that lol


Bought a new domain yesterday. Haven’t done anything with it yet.


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What is that as I am seeing this?

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Very basic, should really do something with it. I plan to re-write in KirbyCMS


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lol whutttt

You can buy emoji urls now?

Sidenote, crappy work laptop hence not seeing that



Here’s my own website:

Little background on the technologies and services it relies on: it’s a static site built with Jekyll, hosted on Github, and using Netlify’s CDN and TLS services. DNS is hosted at DNSimple, and email at Google.

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I saw yours a while back, I actually quite like it (the home page) :slight_smile:


Work in progress…