Do you trust Monzo?

I am currently collecting data for my final masters project where I am to aims to develop a robust trust measurement tool for mobile financial services.

Please could you take the time to fill out this survey which will take between 5-7 minutes regarding the trust you have in Monzo. All of the information you give is completely anonymous.

It would be greatly appreciated. Link it found below.

EDITED: I do realise I have picked a eventful day, but it will provide useful information for when I compare it to last month!


Oooo blimey, you picked quite the day for asking that!


Results may be slightly skewed…


Not the best day to post? Unless your looking for a certain outcome?


Good luck with your project. One thing to note, one of the first questions regarding how long the customer has had a Monzo account doesn’t have appropriate options. There is nothing for “between 1 and 2 years”. It goes from “less than 1 year” to “2 to 3 years”.


My TL;DR answer would be that I do trust them, but does not stop me being rather peeved about traipsing off to an ATM to change the PIN I barely use and so sometimes struggle to recall…

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It’s very biased as your aim is to understand trust in financial services but you’ve asked specifically about Monzo and no other service.

Thankyou I understand where you are coming from but this is not the only survey I have done. It would not have been appropriate to talk about any other platforms on a monzo community :slight_smile:

I trust Monzo…but not the survey enough to fill it out.

Why the Salary question?

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I thought it would be interesting to see whether those with different incomes had more/less trust in their bank. Perhaps those with a higher income have more to risk and therefore takes more for them to trust a service.

It’s completely anonymous but not to worry if you do not feel comfortable :slight_smile:

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I’m a little confused about some of the questions. Perhaps because they lack context or clarification?

I am not vulnerable when I interact with Monzo

Vulnerable in what sense? In that I am not in a vulnerable location when using monzo? Or that monzo doesn’t make me personally feel vulnerable using their banking?

I believe that Monzo has an acceptable mitigation strategy, if anything goes wrong

Customers aren’t aware of monzos mitigation strategies for their business, I’m unsure how to answer this one. The answer is I don’t know, which obviously isn’t an option.

The next question is answerable as there’s a difference in if you trust them and if you fee their corporate strategies that’s you can’t see are appropriate.

The benefits of joining Monzo is worth the risks

You haven’t cited any risks, I’m unsure how the question can be answered? What risks are you referring to?

I was unable to continue further than this page as these questions above are unfortunately unanswerable without more context.

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I think these are opinion based answers, least that’s how I read it anyway.

“The benefits of joining Monzo is worth the risks” (Actually badly worded, if I am honest)

So for me, I did weight up what I could reasonably know about the risk, and factored in the chance that the risk could increase, or decrease, as I moved along my journey with Monzo. So, I’d answer that for me it is - but that’s my opinion.

This survey would be good for Qualative (traits, charataristics) data but not for quantative (totals) as the numbers you’de be basing it off would be purely opinion based and not really indicative of actual trends…

Thank you for all your comments, you are right a lot of this is opinion based which has been intentionally done. Trust is a complex subject but ultimately subjective. I also have a number of hypothesis regarding to what platform this survey was distributed on to and so is intentionally vague.

Within my literature review I pin pointed six determinants of trust (Risk and perceived security, reputation of organisation, reliability and availability, concern and benevolence, usability and quality of design and shared values). You are not able to see this but the items used in the survey relate to one of these categories.

I do however appreciate all the comments and will take those on board. Essentially, this is a preliminary and so there is room for changes where necessary.