Do You Have More Than One Bank Account?

(William Brown) #163

The only issue with monzo is they are stopping top ups without having cash deposits so how can you easily pay cash in you can’t and it’s so awkward when you have cash as not everyone is in a cashless society yet

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #164

It’s exactly the same.

You still had to get cash into your other bank account that has the debit card used for top–ups. You did this either by paying cash into that bank in a branch, or using a bank transfer into that account.

If you still have that other bank account you get cash into it in the same way. You just have to use a bank transfer to get it into your Monzo account.

In fact, I’d recommend keeping a High Street bank account open in order to pay in cash, before transferring it over to Monzo.

Yes, Monzo needs to sort out paying in cash – and they are doing that, it’s on their monthly news roundup – but the lack of this facility in no way affects transferring money into Monzo from another bank.



Helping you deposit cash into your Monzo account :money_with_wings:
Because we don’t have branches, we’ve been working to find another way to let you pay cash into your Monzo account.
We’re working to start testing this out by the end of the month. And we’ll share some more details about how it’ll work very soon!

(William Brown) #166

The lack of full online banking on my virgin money account shows I struggle moving over and using monese is not as easy as I think cause they have the post office but that isn’t instant and you have to wait a day and they also do pay point but I only use monese for international transfers so I’m limited and that’s all I can use as transferwise have started adding charges to top up and then more charges to send money to for example monzo so it’s not worth while anymore with transferwise. I don’t have any other bank account in the UK I can use at present

N26 have said the start of beta version of their banking in the UK starts now and a link to join in will come soon

I also know Clydesdale Bank will become virgin money within 3 years max as the joining up is approved


Fun Fact: I have tried to open a bank account with Lloyds. Just a bog standard, normal current account. I am now TWO weeks down the line and I still can’t access their internet banking service because I haven’t been sent a one time activation code through the post to my house. I’ve called, no one’s bothered. They’re useless

(William Brown) #168

I tried for Lloyds and they told me no to a bog standard account and forget tsb they took 30 mins to come back and say no and they have I T problems as I had to go in branch so I kept to monzo and virgin money though I don’t wanna make changes to any virgin money account at all just pay in take out as you do and that’s it as Clydesdale will say no to me as my credit etc isn’t good enough for them so joining with virgin money puts my virgin money accounts at risk hope not

(William Brown) #169

Is there any date for cash deposits in the Horision as I’ve seen post going back to 2016 on the subject and not once has this been tackled before the debit card top up was switched off it seams to me to save cost now and restrict customers from fully releasing the accounts potential without cash desposits you have to go elsewhere and say no to using this account and even elsewhere isn’t plain sailing either.


Really? :joy:

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Literally hundreds of posts about it in the last few days.

(lewis oconnor) #173

I have gone full monzo, will this affect my credit score in away as they only report back to noddle,

(Sacha Zarb) #174

My current account is with Monzo, that’s after a few years of chasing the switching bonuses from the likes of TSB, Co Op and First Direct.

The joint account is with NatWest, it’s a rewards account, can’t see that moving. my partner banks with M&S (vouchers for Christmas swung her over from TSB) and she is yet to be convinced about Monzo, so don’t want to push it to make her move.