Distinct lack of modern Credit Card providers?

A modern credit card provide is Amex. Just because a company has been around a while doesn’t mean they aren’t modern.


As you have this, it makes sense to get the Natwest Reward Credit Card.

I have a Jaja Card and while I like them, they don’t offer any cashback which seems to be an important factor for you. Also, as you highlight, they are still in beta…

Amex have just told me they are pulling their iPad app :disappointed:

It was “modern” as in any new challengers bringing something new to the table, but it seems Tandem is the only one.

I’m sure Amex invests lot into its stack and probably has quite a modern system, compared to others that have been around for donkeys and still use an archaic system no one wants to touch or upgrade in case it goes tits up.

I haven’t used any of the apps to comment but mentioned above Amex has instant spending notifications which is a plus in my book, that and easily being able to pay the balance.

I noticed a week or so ago that it hasn’t been updated in a long time so I expected this.

Yes, Amex last updated it last year as iOS was making 64bit apps compulsory but it hadn’t been updated for 3-4 years before then

Eliminate the competition by redefining the category to exclude them?

Just because a company is new doesn’t mean they bring anything to the table. Having a quick look I’m not sure what tandem offer that Amex doesn’t? What do they bring to the table that makes a difference?

This is the thing NatWest with their 1% supermarket and 0.5% elsewhere could net a couple hundred quid a year for just paying with a credit card.

NatWest app is horrible and it now urks me that you wait a few days now to see the actual balance.

JaJa/Tymit look to have the nice app but yeah too new to afford to be paying cashback.

Fea/Bits looks to be a non-starter with their charging.

A key issue for the upcoming credit cards including Tandem is lack of second cards which again is a :-1:

That’s the point. :+1:

But you aren’t looking for a modern credit card company then…? you’re just looking for start up card companies, god knows why?

I’m not looking for a start up, I’m looking for the best option personally. I don’t care how long they have been around for, if they are the best option I’ll go with it. My comment was other than Tandem there appears to be no new credit card providers on the market, and even Tandem is crap with its cashback, and limits, and no additional cards which Amex trumps. Tandem has instant notifications but so does Amex.

As mentioned the downsides I can see with Amex is acceptance and that NatWest might provide more cashback. The problem with NatWest is their app is shit, and not going to provide the instant notifications I’ve become accustomed to via Monzo/Starling.

Can we not have a new challenger with a decent app, decent limits, second card, decent cashback, MasterCard/VISA etc

Starling Credit Card?

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Acceptance. There are still lots of places which won’t accept Amex but do take MasterCard.

It’s also better to have individual cards rather than a supplementary one for Section 75 protection

Well really, for a good modern credit card provider, Amex is great. It’s a good option.

Other providers are honestly fine. It’s a credit card… there’s really not much to it. MBNA and Lloyd’s app is fine, does a decent job, there up to date. Couple things you can’t do in them but honestly you never do anyway.

Credit cards are probably a difficult thing to start, and with what’s available already there’s not much to offer. But a new company isn’t going to offer anything better even in the way of the an app, and Amex is probably the best.

Get Amex and a visa or master card then. Acceptance isn’t a feature of tandem when all other master card providers offer the same thing. Just go with one of the other providers at that point. I have a Amex and Visa card. But Amex is accepted quite widely these days.

As far as I understand, the purchase by the additional card holder can still be claimed if it can be shown it was for or can be used by both of you. Basically if you’re booking something of risk like a holiday do it with the named holder but it would still be protected as long as the holiday wasn’t just for the additional card holder and they booked it with their additional card to your account.

I had looked at the Sainsbury’s Purchase card as I put through just under £7k with them a year. The app looks like an afterthought, and you can’t do basic things like pay the balance with it. Overall it’s probably on par with NatWest in actual cashback value over a year.

One of the main reasons of looking specifically at the Amex Nectar over the standard one. At least for 1yr before the £25 fee onwards.

Possible both standard Amex and NatWest/Sainsbury’s to cover all bases.

It’s a real shame that NatWest are focusing on Bo when they could be improving their own system. Just having instant notifications rather than every few days would do it for me.

Depending on your preference, the BA Premium Amex card offers unrivalled benefits*

*Assuming you can take advantage of the 2-4-1 reward flight voucher.

I’d be saving over £400 every year, and that’s including the £195 annual fee.

Plus, like others have said, the App is as good as any FinTech (and in fact, for what it’s used for, is far more stable).

Isn’t it Starling who are providing the App and modern services for Bó?

I believe so. Probably using it as a real world test before switching their legacy systems over all goes well. :thinking: they might as well rebrand Starling and call it a day.

Well it was noted in the shareholder letter that Anne signed a contract to “provide payment services to support new initiatives at NatWest” a few weeks ago. Most likely Bo.

I’m not sure that NatWest and Starling’s own ‘accounts’ are that far apart currently - I notice that the Starling sort code 60-83-71 belongs/is part of NatWest’s range of sort codes. I don’t understand how it works but I’m assuming they’ve had some sort of partnership from the start. Starling have their own 04-00 one from (Clearbank?) too but they don’t seem to use it.

The app is probably Starling on the front NatWest in the back. I could be wrong though.