Disable Merchant Logos

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It there anyway within the app that you can disable the merchant logos from showing?

The reason I want to do this is that Monzo don’t appear to add/update them anymore and it just looks a mess (first world problem, I know).

I contacted Monzo and they didn’t really seem to be able to help and just said it can take a while for them to be added but some of them, like CIPD etc, I flagged almost a year ago :joy:

Nope there’s no way to disable them.

Monzo still update merchant data so you should still submit your changes. Admittedly it’s not a high priority for them so it might take a while because they seem to be doing them in large batches these days.

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It’s a shame they can’t set it so you can either switch them off or just add your own like you can with pots.

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Or we should move to make it that the Merchant provides more information with the transaction. Merchant Logo, contact details, purchase receipt, maybe even stuff such as warranty or guarantee information.

Imagine flux but on steroids