Disable active card checks for particular website?

We do our weekly grocery shopping via Morrisons online. During the week we are often adding and changing things on our shopping list and saving it as we go.

With our previous bank this was very straight forward but with Monzo every time we update our online shopping list we have to perform an active card check in the app with our PIN.

Is it possible to turn this off for a particular merchant we use all the time? Or at the very least have it so we only need to put our PIN in once every 24 hours for this merchant?

Having to do the check every single time is really putting us off using Monzo and we are in the verge of moving elsewhere if we can’t get this sorted!

Any help appreciated.

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It’s not Monzos or your choice to make unfortunately.


This isn’t and active card check, this is 3D Secure verification and it is triggered by the merchant, so it’s not something that Monzo can turn off.


Try mentioning it to Morrisons , but you can turn on biometric authentication in the Monzo settings so you can authenticate with fingerprint or face ID , making it less of a hassle.


I will speak to Morrisons in the morning but assume they won’t be able to do anything to help.

Is there a reason why I have to enter my pin every single time with Monzo but didn’t have to with our previous bank (Halifax)?

For what it’s worth, they are listed on our list of transactions as active card checks within the Monzo app hence why I referred to them as active card checks.

I’m not so sure.

I shop with Sainsbury’s online and use Starling, Monzo, and Nationwide. Starling and Monzo authenticate every time. Nationwide used to send me an OTP every now and again, but one day the OTP didn’t arrive. I called them and they white listed Sainsbury’s, and I haven’t had to authenticate ever since.

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I shop with Morrison’s and use the Dozens card I get active card checks every time also, personally I don’t care at least with Monzo you can delete the Active card check from ur feed.

Personally every transaction online should make you confirm in app too, account security can never be too little :wink:

+1 for this

I’ve just started using a different card

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Not too fussed about having them in the feed, it’s more having to perform the pin check every single time, even if I’ve just done it 30 seconds earlier on the same website.

+1 to the security of it but there should still be some sort of time out for it.

Because you haven’t turned on biometric authentication for payments in settings?


Other half doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor on her old phone so that doesn’t really solve the issue!

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I don’t get a pin check on my dozens just get a notification that they completed an active card check in my feed 100 times for each week :joy:

I am only using dozens for stuff like Apple One & Amazon’s Subscriptions oh and of course my weekly shop, until (if ever) Monzo can sort card payments from pots, as I also invested in Dozens I get “black” free for the year :joy:

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I believe Monzo can turn 3D secure off on their side but if they did the responsibility for fraudulent transactions would pass from the merchant to Monzo so I doubt Monzo will be allowing this any time soon.


I use Morrisons online shopping so I know what you mean about the constant barrage of active card checks. These are actually £1 transactions, rather than a simple cards check, hence why 3DS is being invoked.

It became less of an issue for me when I switched to paying on my AMEX cashback card. The 3DS check still occurs, but amex let you whitelist sites yourself, so these checks go through transparently. I just receive a notification of a £1 charge on my as ccount.

I would expect Monzo to learn to recognise these transactions and approve them without 3DS, after all it’s only a quid and it’s a regular merchant…


I’ve just come on here for the same thing. I left the Sainsbury’s app too enter my pin. Saw the tick - thought that was that.

Just received half the delivery I expected and can’t get another one for two weeks.

This has happened about 3 times sometimes no food at all. Lol

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Maybe Nationwide recognise that I’m a long standing customer, and it’s a reputable merchant, and so are willing to assume the risk.

It’s a shame Monzo won’t take a more nuanced approach.


Is there a live chat in the app so I can ask about whitelisting Morrisons? I see mention of it online but can’t see anywhere to do it in the app.

Search “contact” and it’s there

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Got in touch with Monzo who have said

“I have just checked with a specialist. The merchant decides on the level of security and unfortunately there is nothing we can change. I am sorry I can’t help.”

When I asked about our previous bank not requiring this they said

“I am not sure if the merchant has different security measures for different banks or if he might have put them in place in the meantime. Unfortunately we can’t remove them for you”

Will try Morrisons next but I don’t have much hope they will do anything. Bit of a shame as Monzo was great otherwise.

If this is true, then it would seem that merchants decide on different levels of security for different banks, because, as I said previously, with Sainsbury’s, Nationwide don’t ask for any authentication, but Monzo and Starling both do (with Starling, it’s most transactions, but not all).

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