Direct Debit Reminder


Not sure if this has already been suggested, however, it would be really cool if the Monzo Current account (in future versions) could perhaps provide an in-app notification the day before a direct debit goes out? I know you don’t currently charge for a bounce back, but I know there has been times I’ve forgotten about a direct debit. I know this falls on me to remember but, knowing monzo as progressive as they are I thought I’d suggest.

Could be good for marketing towards younger markets who are new to managing their own bank account and help customers manage their funds.

Hope the above makes sense, look forward to hearing from you guys!


These might be related:

Take a careful look at the committed section on the top-right screenshot…


I know you don’t currently charge for a bounce back


As far as I know they’re not planning to ever do such as scammy move.


That’s correct, they’re not.

Bouncing payments for free is an integral part of the Direct Debit / payments etc. functionality.