Direct Debit coloured circles

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As Direct Debits and Standing Orders get set up in the CA - the payee names appear alongside a circle with initials (e.g. Cineworld Cinemas = CC). However the circles are a mix of different colours.

Anyone know what the colours signify, if anything?


Cause @hugo likes different colours :joy:

I don’t think there is any relevance, but hope there will be in time.

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Thanks - there did not seem to be any logic to the colours which seemed a bit random - but wanted to check to satisfy my curiosity! :smile:

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Well, the idea of the colours is that they let you discern between people that have the same initials. So, if you have Laura Robinson and Leonard Roberts on your list, and none of them have added profiles of you can end up knowing that Laura is LR with a purple tint while Leonard is LR with a red tint.

It’s subtle but we think it helps. The idea is not new, we took it from Android :slight_smile:

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It would be useful to see the differences between standing orders and direct debits. Maybe DD’s could have the merchant logo similar to the payee logos we see in the main expenditure feed?

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