Direct Debit based on spending

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This may be something that is not possible but I was using monzo beta and was happy with keeping track of what I was spending per month and putting money in every month based on my spend the previous month. Is there a way of basing your direct debit on monzo bank with the previous months spend? This is a figure that may change per month based on spending hence my dubious nature on how feasable this is…but I thought there is no harm in putting it forward. Would love to hear feedback.


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So, a standing order from another account that is linked to the amount you spent in the last month?

You could get your salary paid into your Monzo Current Account then have SOs going out to other accounts? I imagine that would be easier although not automated yet

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Yea correct. I would prefer to have my wages in another account as it has other benefits. I prefer to keep my monzo account strictly for spending day to day and a dd based on my previous months spending would be perfect!

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That would be quite hard to do at the moment! Hopefully with the advent of: Other bank accounts in your Monzo App? this might become a relality :slight_smile:

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