Deposit Limits

Hi, can anyone ll me the minimum amount you can pay onto this card and the max. Thanks

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Please see this article

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Hi Beth, has the limits for both bank deposits and card top ups, but as for other limits like withdrawals without knowing your verification level it is hard to say which levels specifically apply to you.

If you have an unverified account it is worth contacting customer operations to get your account verified as it can not be used in foreign ATMs without your account having been verified.


Hi Elizabeth, your limits will vary, depending on which level of verification you’ve completed.

The various tiers are listed in the link that Richard’s posted.

The post that Darren has shared, explains the process for applying for enhanced verification.

You can also check your limits in the app -

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Very useful link… thankyou . But there isn’t a minimum deposit on ther

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Oops :blush: the minimum you can deposit from your card / using Apple or Android pay is £10. You can deposit as little as you like & more specific amounts via bank transfer though.

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