Deposit cash and cheques

I found the way to deposit cash and cheques for free :blush:. Just open basic free current account in Lloyds go to closest branch or post office deposit there and transfer to Monzo. Is free and to open basic account they doing only soft search which don’t effect your credit score.


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Thanks for correction :+1:

Why Lloyds over any other basic bank account or a post office account?

Not really feedback or an idea…

Yeah I’m just not sure where to put it :sweat_smile:

Try this category I guess

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Actually no need to go the nearest branch. Lloyds Bank app has cheque imaging (and had it for like 2 years at least). So the steps are much simpler:

  1. Open Lloyds account
  2. Download App
  3. Scan check via phone
  4. Profit
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I didn’t know that thanks

Well for me yes since I was thinking to open monzo account but the only problem for me was deposits it can help peapol like me make their mind.

I give Lloyd’s as a example some other banks required direct debits or minimum deposit each month or even do hard credit check on you.

Does anyone know why cheque imaging was taken off the development pipeline for the Monzo account? I just had to open a Nationwide account as I didn’t fancy posting a large cheque and it getting lost in the post nor the rather lengthy clearing times Monzo quotes after receiving successfully


Too soon? :rofl:

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Way off topic, more like.

It turned out that less than 0.1% of Monzo customers ever deposited a cheque, so we paused this to focus on other projects

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:see_no_evil: you don’t know what you’re about to unleash quoting that statistic


Buy you have to think as well that people which willing to shwich to Monzo don’t do that because of lack of that service. I want it to switch for long time but lack of free cash and cheques deposit hold me till I found way around it. Not everyone will look for work around.

Keep it paused please :raised_hands: :smiley:

People wouldn’t switch unless there was a bills pot, there is always something! :speak_no_evil:


Yeah don’t quote that, that’s an incredibly poorly researched quote, based off information from an archaic Monzo system no-one wants to use because of how crap it is, not demand.


Yeah, let’s just not go there! We’ve had that conversation repeatedly in the past and I think it’s totally fair that there were variables it didn’t account for, plus the fact that our customer base and numbers are really different since then.


Thanks for that - I can’t help being nearly 60! I have to say as a more mature customer I prefer less emojis and more formality in communication